Our team delivers high quality image and video rendering using the latest technology. The goal is to bring your designs to life in a way that is detailed, realistic and inspiring.

Our 3D visualisation services can be combined with our product design and space planning services to create a complete package for brands looking to create something bold. We can also offer visualisation as a standalone service or part of a design only package for product marketing, architectural or interior design.


We always render detailed product images to marketing quality. These can be to aid decision making in design, or for promotional use early in the development process.


You can only get so far using 2D layouts. It's not until you see 3D renders that you can truly understand how all the elements in a space come together to create an experience.


Computer generated video can be a great way to showcase product, offer a virtal tour of a space or even offer assembly instruction for equipment. Check out one of our videos below.

Large Gym with squat racks and black sled track
Concrete Floor and Walls in a Open Gym Space

Retail Projects

Our passion for fitness combines with retail through our work with brands like Gymshark, Fraser's Group and Under Armour. Retailling product and creating memorable customer experiences is key to what we do.

Gym Designs

Jigsaw Fitness was born in the gym. We are fitness product and training concept designers to our core, so if it's 3D visualisation of a fitness space you need... there's nobody better.

Product Development

A key part of the product design process is visualisation. We use it to preview products from all angles, and in various settings. Fast and high quality rendering helps us reach great product design outcomes faster than our competition.

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